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Hi, my name is Arad Okanin, and I am a Full Stack Software Developer. Engulfed by the vast technological panorama in New York City, I excel in front end development, back end development, database architecture, and application/server deployment and publishing. On the front end, my expertise spans technologies like JavaScript, CSS/HTML, React, React Native, Redux, Flutter, Angular, JQuery, EJS, and Bootstrap. Transitioning to the back-end, I confidently work with tools like Node.JS, Express, Axios, Restful APIs, Redux, and a plethora of Python and Java libraries/packages. My command over databases includes MongoDB, Mongoose, Casandra, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. Furthermore, I’m well-versed in testing, utilizing tools such as Jest for Node.JS and JUnit for Java.

My experience isn’t just limited to coding languages and libraries. My primary development environment is Visual Studio Code (VSCode), though I’m equally adept with editors like VIM, Emacs, and Nano. A profound understanding of the Linux CLI ensures I operate systems efficiently. I also take pride in my ability to handle Domains, DNS Records, AWS Instances, and oversee full project deployments from their inception to launch. A staunch believer in AI’s potential, I possess deep knowledge of AI Large Language Models like GPT, Lambda, and Bard, with deep knowledge within their respective APIs. While I harness AI for testing and optimization, every line of code I write stands as a reflection of my independent prowess.

With the CompTIA Network+ certification under my belt and actively pursuing a Computer Science bachelor’s degree, I am a fervent advocate for lifelong learning. Continuously on the lookout for the next skill or tool to conquer, I am committed to delivering excellence and tailoring software development solutions to meet any specific technical need.

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Artificial Delights – Cooking & Recipe Database

The epitome of culinary excellence, where passion for cooking and technology meld harmoniously. Our primary mission is to provide you with the finest recipes, meticulously crafted and tailored to your taste buds. Harnessing cutting-edge artificial intelligence, we meticulously analyze countless flavor profiles and combinations to ensure that every dish we present is nothing short of perfection.

Site presents article inputting, image compression algorithms, and AI-generated content.

PlantyPedia – Wide Plant Directory

PlantyPedia is a directory for all plant lovers. Learn the in-and-out of growing various plants such as herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Our goal is to develop this database with over 500 of the world’s famous plants – all possible to grow within the comfort of your home. Check this website out if you love nature.

Site presents article inputting, image compression algorithms, and AI-generated content.

The West Michigan Holocaust Memorial – Nonprofit Project

The West Michigan Holocaust Memorial, a website of the Jewish Federation of Grand Rapids, seeks to build a collection of stories on the survivors of the Holocaust that settled in West Michigan, and ensure its accessibility through preservation and digitization. The collection of stories serves as an educational teaching tool for the new Holocaust sculpture, Ways to Say Goodbye by artist Ariel Schlesinger, at the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. It is our hope that the website will grow and become a resource for educators and our community on Holocaust education and programs.  In addition, the website serves as proof of the Holocaust, countering those who deny or manipulate history.

This website project integrates dynamic pages & custom animations, as well as special security measures to ensure that no intruders can get access to managing content.

JavaScript Quiz Maker – Open Source Desktop Application (GitHub)

JavaScript Quiz Maker is a cross-platform desktop application built with Electron, Node.js, and Express that allows you to create and manage JavaScript quizzes effortlessly. Whether you’re a teacher, a developer, or simply want to challenge your JavaScript knowledge, this app makes quiz creation and sharing a breeze. Ecommerce features, dynamic design, Algorithmic-based view, and demonstration of API linking.

App for Desktop using Electron, Node.JS, and Express. API Requests use Axios, and packages such as body-parser and EJS are used for front-end rendering. Created by Arad Okanin.

devFlames.com – Developer Resources Site

devFlames.com is a website designed to help developers find the tools they need to get the job done. We have based the site on the AWESOME repository from GitHub, and have given it a better user interface with more options. We keep adding new resources and content to this site to make it better and hope that our users continue to give us input on what things they’d like to see.

Visit this website project to see custom database work, SEO optimized menus, and use of non-copyrighted photos. As the website grows, the team will keep adding additional features and types of content to make the experience more fluid.

eBay Profit Calculator – Calculate your eBay Profits in Real Time (iOS App)

Discover your profit margin on your eBay listings with the Profit Calculator for eBay. It removes the hassle of always calculating your listing’s profit and streamlines the process in a simple, user-friendly interface. Calculate & save your entries to be exported later.

Enter in your item price, shipping price and sale price to find your expected profit margin on your item. Within seconds, you will be presented with your total item cost, your fees & your expected profit. Save that calculation and identify it with a name, so you’ll be able to reference it later without having to re-enter in your values. All of these useful features are packaged in a responsive user interface that is quick & fast, so you could enjoy it on most iPhones.

Virtual Reality Roleplay – Game Server

Virtual Reality Roleplay is a SAMP (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) based experience. This server thrives on serious, structured roleplay, creating an intricate universe that stimulates both the mind and senses. Dive into an immersive reality where every decision matters, every character has a story, and every scene is vividly portrayed. This isn’t just any server; it’s a living, breathing world in its own right. Feel the thrills, the suspense, the highs, and the lows as you navigate through this intricately designed realm.

Website illustrates dynamic creatives, User Control Panel (ucp.virtualrealityrp.com) and Forums (forums.virtualrealityrp.com). 

TechReserver.com – Premiere Tech Supplier & Amazon Affiliate

TechReserver.com is an Amazon Affiliate-based Technology reselling website. We offer a variety of products, including Desktop PCs, Laptops, Electric Scooters & Hoverboards, Smartphones, Headphones & other Audi Products, Accessories, and much more. We aim to provide a recommendation for the best products in each category so that our visitors can find the best bang for their buck.

Website presents the use of Ecommerce features, dynamic design, Algorithmic-based view, and demonstration of API linking.

Laser Access – Casting, Axis-cutting, and Fabrication Company

Laser Access, LLC specializes in military and commercial applications of close tolerance fabrications, Flat Laser Cutting, CNC Brake Press Forming, MIG & TIG Welding, CNC Milling & Turning, 5-Axis Laser Cutting and Assembly Lines, supported by well-experienced engineering and quality teams, including top of the line CMM inspection room.

Check out the website created by Arad Okanin. Features such as quote submission are present but not activated currently.

Offline QR Code Generator – Open Source Desktop Application (GitHub)

Unlock the power of swift and secure QR code creation with the Offline QR Code Generator. This desktop application is your one-stop solution for generating an array of customizable QR codes, all without the need for an internet connection. Tailor your codes to your liking, preview in real-time, and export effortlessly to share your content seamlessly and stylishly.

Crafted  using Node.js for backend prowess, Electron to ensure a seamless cross-platform experience, EJS for a dynamic and interactive interface, and Axios for future-proof flexibility.

WallpaperWLRD.com – Desktop & Mobile Wallpapers

WallpaperWRLD.com is a passion project I have started that helps users find the best wallpapers for their devices. We have over 5000 wallpapers to choose from and new ones are added weekly. Many ways to sort and find the wallpaper that is right for you. All images are copyright free and can be used at any discretion. 

Website illustrates implementations of MongoDB and includes a custom-built theme from scratch. Sorting algorithms were implemented to make finding wallpapers easier.

Cash Billionaire – Fun Clicker Game (iOS App)

Step into the world of “Cash Billionaire”, where each click is a stride towards unimaginable wealth. This addictive clicker game challenges you to smartly invest in time and click boosters, unlocking diverse gameplay avenues. With its dynamic progression system, every game session offers a fresh experience. Your ultimate aim? Amass a staggering $1,000,000,000, and in doing so, earn valuable points that can be traded for powerful upgrades.

Crafted using state-of-the-art technologies like Node.js, React Native, and Mongoose for intricate database handling, “Cash Billionaire” isn’t just about gameplay—it’s about delivering a smooth, immersive experience. Coupled with its mesmerizing artwork and rich sound design, it’s an engaging journey that you and your friends won’t want to miss.

Ali Colak – Portfolio

Created a Portfolio Site for Ali Colak – a professional in the field of Computer Science and Software Development. Ali’s site demonstrates a social-media-like resume that entices users to check out latest projects and connect via social media or email. The animations flow in fluidly and everything gets into shape in a clear way. Designed entirely by me.

Fully custom scripting can be shown here, with only base plugins used. Mobile & Tablet optimization can also be highlighted in this creation.

Rapdle.com – Song Guessing Trivia (Under Construction)

Rapdle.com is a song-guessing experience in which players have 5 rap/hip-hop songs a day they can attempt to identify. Players listen to a short snippet of a the track and try to guess it’s title within 8 seconds. For every correct response, a point is obtained on their account, and will be added to the weekly leaderboard. The top players in the leaderboard are subject to winning cash prizes and other goods provided by Rapdle.com. It’s a great way to improve your knowledge in this music genre while having the ability to earn some money.

Website created is still in progress, and will feature javascript lazy loading & database caching. It is due to release in 2023.

The Nosh – Grand Rapids, MI Community Cookbooks

The Nosh is an exciting new project launching in June 2022, the goal of which is to bring community members together through the universal language of Jewish food, which is an integral part of Jewish culture, tradition, and religion. 

The idea of an online community cooking site germinated during discussions regarding the creation of a new community cookbook, a project not done for decades. Like the community cookbooks of old, The Nosh invites you to participate, this time through the website, where community members can upload their favorite family recipes. The difference is that The Nosh, unlike a traditional book, is a “living” document, constantly updating and evolving. We also encourage the submission of pictures, videos, and stories, which was either not possible or cost prohibitive with a hard copy book.
Project Implements Database Implementation (for the recipes), Google API Integrations & features a side-header design.

Internet Hustles – Online Money Making Methods

Internet Hustles is your one-stop destination for exploring innovative and reliable methods to generate income online. Our platform offers a comprehensive collection of well-researched articles and expert advice on various money-making strategies, tailored to suit different skill sets and interests. From freelancing and ecommerce to affiliate marketing and passive income opportunities, Internet Hustles empowers individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in today’s digital economy. Join our thriving community of aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals, and unlock your true earning potential with Internet Hustles.

This site integrates algorithmic and data-structured sorting within the posts. Use of SEO and Google Adsense is also demonstrated on this project.

Temple Emanuel – West Michigan’s Largest Jewish Congregation

Temple Emanuel is a Reform Jewish community that embraces our differences to create a meaningful and spiritual experience to enhance Jewish life. Together, we learn, worship, serve, and continually define what it means to be Jewish today – within our community and beyond our walls.

The website integrates custom headers & footers and features an image-based design for all content.