Contact Information

Discord: arad55500#0001
Instagram: @aradokanin
Twitter: @aradokanin
LinkedIn: Arad Okanin

Hi, my name is Arad Okanin, and I am a Full Stack Software Developer. Engulfed by the vast technological panorama in New York City, I excel in front end development, back end development, database architecture, and application/server deployment and publishing. On the front end, my expertise spans technologies like JavaScript, CSS/HTML, React, React Native, Redux, Flutter, Angular, JQuery, EJS, and Bootstrap. Transitioning to the back-end, I confidently work with tools like Node.JS, Express, Axios, Restful APIs, Redux, and a plethora of Python and Java libraries/packages. My command over databases includes MongoDB, Mongoose, Casandra, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. Furthermore, I’m well-versed in testing, utilizing tools such as Jest for Node.JS and JUnit for Java.

My experience isn’t just limited to coding languages and libraries. My primary development environment is Visual Studio Code (VSCode), though I’m equally adept with editors like VIM, Emacs, and Nano. A profound understanding of the Linux CLI ensures I operate systems efficiently. I also take pride in my ability to handle Domains, DNS Records, AWS Instances, and oversee full project deployments from their inception to launch. A staunch believer in AI’s potential, I possess deep knowledge of AI Large Language Models like GPT, Lambda, and Bard, with deep knowledge within their respective APIs. While I harness AI for testing and optimization, every line of code I write stands as a reflection of my independent prowess.

With the CompTIA Network+ certification under my belt and actively pursuing a Computer Science bachelor’s degree, I am a fervent advocate for lifelong learning. Continuously on the lookout for the next skill or tool to conquer, I am committed to delivering excellence and tailoring software development solutions to meet any specific technical need.